Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Beautiful Pomegranates

Meet my new favorite fruit: The Pomegranate

(note: image from google)

It is a beautiful fruit that seems to have a bad rap. Most people don't even know how to eat it. When I first cracked one open (incorrectly), the juice sprayed everywhere, stained my cutting board, and I thought you had to eat the red part around the inner crunchy seed. I was so wrong.

The correct way to cut and eat a pomegranate:
Cut around the pomegranate (into the red skin) in quarters and pull apart. Place the sections of fruit in large bowl of water and start gently pulling the seeds from the membrane. The seeds will sink to the bottom and the skin/white part will float, making it easy to skim off. Drain, rinse, and eat the beautiful red seeds!

Throw them in a salad, make pomegranate juice, or eat them on their own. I actually find this fruit highly addictive. I'm currently seeking recipes containing pomegranates because I am so in love with them (and they are high in antioxidants!).

So go buy a pomegranate! Go!


  1. I love them also. I use the seeds in salads too but if you find new recipes using them, please post!! Thanks :)

  2. sure thing! I have a few ideas for posts today actually :)