Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A note about Silpats

I heart my Siplat. It never needs greasing, it's easy to clean, it won't burn or melt, and it won't break (I guess unless you seriously abuse it... don't take a knife to it). It replaces parchment paper, gross grease sprays, and oiling cookie sheets. I use it for my cookies, meat, pizzas, and more. Get one. Seriously.


  1. I heart my silpat too!! I use it for everything. I have bought them for gifts for my family too. Recently I saw they have a really big one now. It would be great to pour my peanut brittle out onto or my chocolate bark!!

  2. That's another thing! It's totally great for candy and brittle (I've made caramel popcorn on it before) because the clean up is a breeze!

    Thanks for the comment :)